Mark Davis Basketball Camps

About Camp


The Mark Davis Basketball Camp programme provides intensive basketball training as well as a week of enjoyment with the opportunity to meet lots of new friends.

Safe Place

Safety is our top priority for all campers. We provide 24 hour supervision for all live-in campers, along with separate boy/girl accommodation.


We feel the camp programme guarantees you intensive basketball training as well as a week of enjoyment with the opportunity to meet lots of friends.

Please remember, if you want to be a great basketball player you have to work hard at your game. Success can be achieved through co-operation, teamwork and discipline in your approach to the game. Being on time, staying mentally alert and believing you can always improve are key ingredients to success.

Why don’t you dedicate this week as your first step to becoming an Elite player

Fun & Friendships

The Mark Davis Basketball Camp is not only a way to increase your basketball skills, but you will make lifelong friends during the week.

The Elite Squad

The Elite Squad is a group of 10-12 kids selected during the first day of training that show potential in high intensity training and baskeyball skills. These campers receive high intensity training by Mark and co for two days prior to the day sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Basketball, suitable basketball clothes including shoes (preferably worn in), water bottle, athletic tape for ankle strapping, training towels, sunscreen, hat, casual clothes for evening wear, pillow, bed linen and towels. (Please name tag all items)

Registration on Monday 3rd is between 8.00am and 11.00am. A BBQ will be served at 12noon (free for parents and campers) and the camp officially commences at 1.00pm with an introduction and orientation session.

Quality supervised accommodation with boys and girls housed separately. Campers’ rooms will be assigned at check-in. Campers can arrive a day early if necessary – this will incur an additional cost.