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Mark and the History of Mark Davis Basketball Camp

Mark Davis came to Australia in 1985 to play with the South Adelaide Panthers after playing in New Zealand and winning a championship with ‘Dorados Chihuahua’ in Mexico.

He brought a style of his own to Australia with his natural skill and flair and Adelaide quickly warmed to their new adopted son. Mark raised the profile of basketball not only in Adelaide but also throughout the NBL.

It was not long before legendary coach Ken Cole signed Mark up to the West End 36ERS – where Mark took to the Apollo stadium like his own ‘playgrounds’ back home and led the team with his MVP performance to their unforgettable 1986 championship.

Born and raised in Philadelphia, Mark toughed it out to gain his individual status both on the court and in the playgrounds by sharpening his basketball skills. He then headed off to college where the basketball competition grew stronger and new opportunities and respect had to be gained.

Mark knows and has experienced the importance of teamwork and self-motivation whether through sport or everyday life and business. This is the means through which Mark Davis Camps operates. Mark, or the Chairman of the Boards (as he is also known throughout the Australian basketball family) has gained well-deserved respect around the league from his fans, media and fellow NBL players.

With the Mark Davis Camps programme, Mark regularly visits Country SA to assist the youth by running basketball programs and competitions within the communities and also mentoring those needing the extra assistance.



I am a chef by trade but watching our campers grow in both the game and as people is my passion.
I’ve been coaching for the past three years, I played all of my junior years at Eastern Mavericks, had a few years off from playing competitively and have now started playing for West Adelaide Bearcats. 
Before coaching I spent ten years as a camper. 

What I love about the camp is how heroes have become mentors, mentors have become peers, and peers have become some of my closest mates. You make lifelong friends at camp.

Brandon Gleaves

My name is Brandon and I’ve been coaching at the Mark Davis Camp since 2015. I was born in the United States before moving to New Zealand and then Australia. I’ve been playing basketball since I was 5 and coaching since I was 13.

As a player, I was fortunate enough to play for New Zealand at the U19 Oceania championships in 2014 and South Australia for multiple years. I also used to play for the West Adelaide Bearcats and Southern Tigers.

Unfortunately, I was never a camper at the Mark Davis Camp but I definitely wish I had been. Everyone has the opportunity to learn new skills and improve themselves as a player, and as a person, while having fun and making lifelong friendships.

Personally, my favourite thing about the Mark Davis Camp is how everyone gets along like a family and as soon as each camp is over, I’m counting down the days until the next one.

Scott Parry

I’ve been coaching at the camp for 11 years! I have played for Norwood, North Adelaide and Woodville. I played at North Adelaide for 12 years. I’m not currently with a club! (but I’ll always be North at heart)

 I started as a camper, I’ve been to every single camp.

I love coaching, it’s an exciting 5 days and my favourite week of the year!

What I like the most about camps are NON STOP BASKETBALL!!!

Ahmend Al ani

FIBA accredited professional coach with international level experience. Former national team player and Head Coach with more than 25 years of experience coaching senior basketball clubs and national teams in many Asian nations. Well known for a high level of professionalism, competency and impeccable performance.

Grantley Mildenhall

I am 21 years old, I have spent the past 2 years in America playing college ball and when I’m not at the gym or doing anything associated with basketball, I am playing video games.

I have been coaching for 7 years now and this will be my 2nd year coaching at the camp!

I have been associated with West Adelaide Bearcats for 12 years and as a coach for 7 years.

The last two years I have been playing college basketball for the Lake Region State Royals in North Dakota, US.

I was a camper at the camp from 5 years from 2012-2016.

I love being able to teach different kids from different clubs new skills and meet new kids while also learning a few things too.

I love the family environment and the opportunity to be able to coach alongside legends of the game and meet all different kids/new people from all different clubs!


I started playing district basketball for South Adelaide when I was 10 years old, and was also a camper from age 11-13. When I was 14 I moved to Sturt to further develop my skills and play in more elite competitions, with the ultimate goal of being selected in the SA Metro Under 16’s team. I was fortunate enough to be selected, and represented SA Metro in 2008 and 2009 at the Australian Championships.

By age 17 I had experienced several stress fracture injuries and unfortunately was no longer able to play basketball at the same level and intensity.

I started coaching at Sturt when I was 15 for Aussie Hoops and the Sturt Domestic League, where I coached children of all ages and abilities to further develop their basketball skills. After graduating high school I began working in Healthcare, however I look forward to coaching at the Mark Davis Camp each year.

2020 will be my 7th year coaching at the camp and needless to say I love everything about it. Not only do I enjoy spending time with the MDC coaching and supervising crew, but I find it extremely rewarding watching the campers develop as players, grow as people and learn valuable life skills. Each year is a challenge, yet very rewarding and so much fun. I guess all of that is what keeps me coming back! 🙂

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